Parent Life

Making a Swaddle Quilt

One of my favorite aspects of newborn life was wrapping my son and daughter up in those super soft swaddle blankets. Made from muslin and printed with adorable images, they brought so much comfort to those early days. Each time I wrapped them up I remember thinking, ‘I would really love being wrapped up in…

Sustainable Gift Wrapping for All Occasions

When it comes to gift wrapping, I used to fall into one of the following camps: I have wrapping paper, but it’s themed (Christmas/birthday) and doesn’t fit the need I need right now (occasion and/or recipient) I have the right wrapping paper, but not enough of it to wrap the gift/s I don’t have any…

5 MLK Day Activities for Little Kids

1 | Read Reading is one of the best ways to teach littles about a topic. There are countless books about MLK for all ages and I encourage you to read them all year long, not just today. Some of my favorites include… Who Was Martin Luther King Jr. Good Night Martin Luther King Jr.…

How to PICK Toddler Consequences That Work

When my son was 3 years old he snuck out of his room after bedtime, found my work bag, and preceded to make several murals along our staircase, down the hall, on the door and walls of his room, and on various pieces of furniture with permanent maker, washable marker, and a full pack of…

IKEA Play Kitchen DIY Hack for Under $100

The kid play kitchen. It’s become ubiquitous in the homes of most millennials with kids, and ours is no exception. I originally got the idea to take a base model kid kitchen and spruce it up into something that would blend better in our home from our cousin, Priya. She had taken her daughter’s IKEA…


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Hi. I’m Amelia.

My friends and family call me Ami. I’m currently in the thick of it. Full-time professional. Full-time parent. Full-time partner. Full-time woman in my 30’s. Just waking up everyday and trying my best to be a good human…more

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