Amelia Patel

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Hi. I’m Amelia. My friends and family call me Ami.

And I’m currently in the thick of it. Full-time professional. Full-time parent. Full-time partner. Full-time woman in my 30’s. Just waking up every day and trying my best to be a good human, just like the rest of us.

This Blog

So, why am I writing a blog?  Well, I spend a ton of time and energy researching things that matter to me, my friends and family, and our lives.  I also really enjoy writing. After putting both to better use and writing it all down for my closest girlfriends, they encouraged me to put my collection in front of a more public audience.

Everything you’ll see in this blog has been meticulously researched and/or lived by me. Read Home for my attempts at making our family home a forever place that is plastic free. Parent-Life journeys my trials and triumphs (those are more rare!) with raising two little humans. Beauty takes a look inside my obsession with facial products. I’m not a professional expert by any means; I’m more of a jack of many trades.

In the future, my wish is to include more voices in The Thick of It as our community of learners and writers grows. Think you might have something to contribute? Subscribe, follow, and email me at amelia@the-thick-of-it.com!


After graduating college in 2007, I joined Teach For America and became a elementary teacher on the westside of Chicago, IL. Even though I left the classroom in 2011, my passion for educational equity has only grown. I currently work for an education non-profit and find fulfillment and joy in supporting the movement for equity.

Originally from rural Arizona, I was drawn to the Midwest for its cold weather and the thrill of living in a metropolitan city.  Chicago did not disappoint!  After spending nearly a decade living and working in the Second City, my partner and I moved to Indy when he took on a new job.  While we will always have a special place in our hearts for Chicago, Indy is now home.  As they say, ‘home is where the heart is’ and my heart is living and breathing in our little family.  While I still have lots of loved ones in Arizona, the Midwest fits us perfectly and we plan to stay here forever.

I currently live in Indianapolis with my best friend/soul mate/husband/partner of 13 years, Amar, our two energetic kids, Pax (4) & Veda (2), and Tucker the Pug (10).  We spend our weekdays like most working parents – hustling from 9am-6pm(ish) and then taking care of our potatoes, as we call them, during the second shift.  Most nights after the kids go down, we collapse from exhaustion, watch some TV, read, or play a board game.  Our weekends look different now that COVID is a thing.  We are usually at home with the kids, playing outside, gardening, working on DIY home projects, cooking, and chasing around the chaos that comes from two little ones.

What’s Next

I hope you enjoy reading and learning right alongside me & I hope you feel inspired to share what you know with those you care about. Please subscribe so you can stay up to date with new posts, or even better, comment below! I’m always up for meeting new people and learning from your experiences.  We are all #BetterTogether.

Let’s stay in touch!

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