Top 10 Girl Power Books [PreK-5]

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Looking for fictional books to empower young girls? You cannot go wrong with these ten. This list is geared toward preschool-second grade readers, but I truly believe picture books are meant for all ages. Most importantly, girl power books are NOT JUST FOR GIRLS! Whatever gender your child identifies with, expose them to female representation. Let’s teach all young readers to be feminists. Read girl, read!

1 | Cece Loves Science

Author: Vashti Harrison

Age-Range: 4-8 years old

Overview: Cece would make a great scientist because she LOVES to ask questions. For school, Cece and her best friend Isaac have to create their very own science project. One night, while Cece is eating dinner, her dog Einstein helps spark the perfect idea. Books showcasing girls in science are always a win!

2 | The Proudest Blue

Author: Ibithaj Muhammed

Age-Range: 4-8 years old

Overview: Faizah is ready for her first day of school. If only she was old enough wear a beautiful blue hijab to school like her sister, Asiya. A wonderful story of a proud black Muslim girl and her admiration for her older sister.

3 | The Paper Bag Princess

Author: Robert Munsch

Age-Range: 4-10 years old

Overview: A fairy tale with a twist. This princess needs saving from the dangerously awful dragon. She’s been locked up in a tower and only a prince can save her…Or so she thought. Her knight in shining armor turns out to be a bum so she goes on to save herself. Who needs a prince when you have girl power?

4 | Ninja Red Riding Hood

Author: Corey Rosen Schwartz

Age-Range: 4-10 years

Overview: You’ve heard of Little Red Riding Hood, but what about Ninja Red Riding Hood? No way this big bad wolf can defeat a karate trained girl and her tai chi granny. This rhyming tale is girl power in the literal sense.

5 | The Water Princess

Author: Susan Verde

Age-Range: 3-8 years old

Overview: Although this book is realistic fiction, the story is based on the life of super model, Georgie Badiel and her childhood in Burkina Faso. With minimal text, this poetic story takes readers through one girl’s journey for clean water in an African village. After reading The Water Princess I encourage you to research the life and work Georgie Badiel. The story is geared toward a younger audience, but I have read the story to middle schoolers with great intrigue! An inspiration for all ages.

6 | Sofia Valdez, Future Prez

Author: Andrea Beaty

Age-Range: 4-9 years old

Overview: Part of a very popular series by Andrea Beaty. On the way to school, Sofia’s abuelo hurts his ankle in a landfill. Upset that her abuelo cannot walk her to school anymore, Sofia gets an idea to clean up the town. She sets out to prove that kids can make change. In addition to Sofia Valdez, Future Prez, check out Ada Twist, Scientist; Rosie Revere, Engineer; and Iggy Peck, Architect.

7 | The Little Red Fort

Author: Brenda Maier


Overview: Ruby decides she wants to build a fort. Her brothers keep telling her she doesn’t know how to build anything, but she is out to prove them wrong. A feminist take on The Little Red Hen. Spoiler alert: Ruby lets the boys enjoy the benefits of her labor by inviting them inside for some cookies. I personally would have eaten all the cookies myself. Bonus: A Spanish version is readily available, too!

8 | I am Enough

Author: Grace Bryers

Age-Range: 3-8 years old

Overview: A beautiful brown skinned girl’s ode to loving herself and respecting others. The words alone are a work of poetry, but I am also obsessed wit Keturah A Bobo’s illustrations. Girls of different shapes, sizes, and skin colors unite to empower. Girls with glasses, girls in wheelchairs, and girls with head scarves are all represented in I am Enough.

9 | Lucía Luchadora

Author: Cynthia Leonor Garza

Age-Range: 4-6 years old

Overview: Lucía wants to be a superhero, but all the boys in her neighborhood tell her it’s not possible. Girls can’t be superheroes, can they? At first, Lucîa feels defeated, that is until her abuela reveals a family secret. After learning about some power female figures from her Mexican culture, Lucía masks up and proves the boys wrong.

10 | Dear Girl

Author: Amy Krouse Rosenthal

Age-Range: 3-8 years old

Overview: The title explains it all. A lovely letter to a young girl, reminding her that she is smart, strong and wonderful. Make it a daily affirmation for daughters to hear they are worthy and valuable. You can start with reading this story.

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