Our Compost Bin Make Over

Home, Sustainability

We started backyard composting back in 2018 and have never looked back. For the longest time, we had a fancy compost pail that sat in our second sink. It would fill up quickly and took up enough space that we stopped using the sink for anything other than compost. I hated the cluttered look and wanted my prep sink back. There had to be another way.

Our kitchen has one of those pull-out trash drawers that hold garbage and recycling cans perfectly. Since most of our garbage is compost and/or recycling, the trash can was really taking up more space than necessary. I decided we needed to find a way to make the compost fit, too. Armed with measurements, pictures, and a loose idea of the final concept, I made a trip to the Container Store.

After searching the entirety of the Container Store, I was not able to find three identical garbage cans that would fit into our pull-out drawer. What I did find was a very workable solution: a small compost bin, with lid, that could hang from the drawer, and two smaller garbage cans that could work for trash and recycling. Thankfully, everything fit perfectly in the pull-out drawer, marking my Container Store visit a success!

Compost Bin

I landed on a Simple Human small trash can with a lid that is designed to hang on the back of cabinet doors. It fits perfectly on our pull-out drawer and I appreciate the easy-to-open lid which contains compost smells. We purchase compostable trash can liners from Amazon that work well with this 2.6 gallon can and are suitable for backyard composting. When looking for compost bags BEWARE! Many are not suitable for backyard composting; only commercial facility composting. That was a nasty lesson :O.

Trash & Recycling Cans

I found two white Eco Cocoon trash cans that fit in the remaining drawer space. Made from recycled materials, these are sturdy and a little flexible which allow for a perfect fit. They each hold 3.7 gallons so I can use standard-size bag for the trash can. While the recycling can does fill up rather quickly, it’s well worth the hassle to have all three cans in the same, organized and tidy place.

How do you compost? Do you have a similar set-up in your kitchen? How do you organize compost with trash and recycling?


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