5 MLK Day Activities for Little Kids

Parent Life

1 | Read

Reading is one of the best ways to teach littles about a topic. There are countless books about MLK for all ages and I encourage you to read them all year long, not just today. Some of my favorites include…

Who Was Martin Luther King Jr.

Good Night Martin Luther King Jr.

I am Brave: A Little Book about Martin Luther King, Jr.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

2 | Listen

Listen to MLK speeches and talk about them. What words do they hear? What’s the message he’s telling us. Does he sound happy, sad, passionate? Why? Listening during meals or art projects is a great way to incorporate multiple senses into each activity. You can listen to MLK’s five most memorable speeches online.

3 | Create Art

Art is a great way to connect with a message, especially for little kids. Consider making handprint doves while discussing peaceful protesting or cloud & rainbow pictures while talking about dreams.


Create a BINGO board with social justice phrases like civil rights, racial equality, discrimination, boycott, protest, freedom, etc. As you go through the day, encourage your kids to listen for these phrases and discuss them.

5 | Visit

Visit your local MLK park or memorial. Talk about his life and non-violent approach while you and your kids walk and play together. You can incorporate the BINGO activity above while you read about his life and legacy.


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