Secret Bookcase Door


The dream of having a secret passageway in my house has been one since I was a child. Maybe it came from the 90’s classic movies the Secret Garden or Clue. Regardless, when we moved into our current home I saw the perfect spot to build one. My son’s room had four doors in it: one entry, two for closets, and one to an attic. The attic door was metal and had different hardware on it, which made it look and feel out of place. We didn’t want my son going into the attic and the room felt cluttered with doors. The solution? We decided to turn the attic door into a secret bookcase door.

Custom building a bookcase door was not something my partner had the stomach to pay for, regardless of how badly I wanted this secret passageway. I scoured the internet for DIY solutions and came across a company that sold pre-fabricated hidden bookcase doors. After taking all the necessary measurements, we pulled the trigger and ordered a hidden bookcase door from Murphy Door.

From the outside it looks and functions exactly like a bookshelf. However, with a key you are able to unlock and pull the bookcase open to expose the entryway into the attic. To this day my son has no idea this bookcase is actually a door. We plan to keep it that way for as long as possible.


The door arrived in a massive box that weighed a ton. It lived in our garage for a few weeks until visiting cousins could help my partner carry it upstairs and into the attic (thank you Casey and Anand!). We planned on installing the door ourselves, but once we unboxed it and read all the instructions, we realized we needed someone with carpentry skill and wood working tools. Fresh off our renovation, we hired our contractor for the job. It took David one day to install the door, though he said it would take him about 2-3 hours the next time he needed to install one.

The Final Product

The timing was perfect as my son was at school all day and was able to come home to a fully completed project. It also happened to be his 2nd birthday, so I purchased some pillows and turned his new bookcase nook into a cozy spot just for him. He was thrilled, to say the least!

Reading Time

My son continues to love his bookcase and reading nook, and still has no idea it’s actually a secret door. Climbing up on his pillows over our shoulders allows him the perfect vantage point to see. The pillows also have become a favorite resting spot for our pug, Tucker. We store our Christmas decorations in the attic, so 2x a year when access is necessary we ensure our kids are not home or sufficiently occupied downstairs. This secret passageway will remain a secret for a long time!

Do you have a secret door in your house? Have you always wanted one? Where would you put one if you could? Powder room? Pantry? Bedroom? Let’s talk – comment below!


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