IKEA Play Kitchen DIY Hack for Under $100

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The kid play kitchen. It’s become ubiquitous in the homes of most millennials with kids, and ours is no exception. I originally got the idea to take a base model kid kitchen and spruce it up into something that would blend better in our home from our cousin, Priya. She had taken her daughter’s IKEA play kitchen to the next level with minimal DIY supplies, and I was inspired!

I purchased our IKEA “Duktig” play kitchen on sale, bought some easy supplies from Amazon and at our local Lowe’s, and got started. In total, I spent just under $100 on this play kitchen and it’s been totally worth it!

Getting Started

Like all IKEA purchases, the Duktig play kitchen came in a flat box and required assembly. It took me just over an hour to assemble alone. Since I wanted a ‘before’ picture, I chose to assemble it completely. I would later take some parts off for the ‘hack’ before putting the final piece back together.

The Hack

After completely assembled, I took off all plastic accessories (sink, faucet, knobs, hanging bar & hooks, and stovetop) and spray painted them copper, our kitchen’s accent color. I did this in May when the weather was hot, so it didn’t take long for the 2 coats of paint I applied to dry. Regardless, I left them drying overnight before adding them back on just to be safe.

Next, I took the top half of the set off, which allowed me to remove the counter top. I applied a piece of butcher block contact paper from Amazon to the entire counter top. I then reassembled the top half of the set.

The original kitchen set does not come with a backsplash. We definitely wanted one so the wall this sits against wouldn’t get dinged up from playing. Using a large leftover piece of cardboard, I covered it in subway tile contact paper from Amazon to match our kitchen’s backsplash, and attached it to the back with tiny pin nails.


Play Time

This kitchen gets a ton of use! In fact, I’d say it’s the most popular toy in our home. Both our kids (2 & 4) still play with this set, as does every visiting kid. It’s become a staple in our home and the anchor for several other learning-toys like chef costumes, these color sorting fruit baskets, and the Melissa & Doug Ice Cream Counter, Keurig, and smoothie sets.

Have you completed an IKEA Duktig kichen hack? I’d love to see your before and after pics…comment to share below!


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