Home Renovation: Before and After


After moving to a new city in 2016, we spent a year searching for our perfect forever-home. We looked at over 20 houses before finding one with enough potential. Built in 1989, just about everything was original to that era and the original house. While the finishings were outdated, the location and footprint/layout were just right, which made renovations far more affordable. We spent months renovating the house into our perfect home. Below are some of the big projects we tackled.


The original house had never been painted, only stained. We knew we wanted a white house with black trim, but couldn’t stomach the every 5-7 year upkeep of regular exterior paint. We opted for Rhino Shield which came with a 25-year guarantee against peeling and flaking. Three years in and we have had only minor flaking in a few spots, which the company came out and fixed quickly for free.


Every home’s main entrance is a chance to welcome guests and set the tone for the home. We removed all the tile and laid down hard wood acacia on the entire first floor to streamline the design. The original wood trim was a natural light brown that we painted white to brighten up each space. We painted over the avocado green with a soft and neutral gray. Lastly, we replaced the light fixture with a custom designed chandelier from Hangout Lighting in Chicago. This room now provides our guests with a sneak peak at the styles they will find throughout our home.

Great Room

Located just off the entry and kitchen, this room provides a strong center to the house with stunning natural light and high ceilings. We replaced the old carpet with acacia hard wood, opened up the wall to the left of the fireplace, and built a bookcase along the back wall. This is our favorite room in the house now. My son calls it the ‘talking room’.


The heart of any home and where we spend most of our time. My partner loves to cook, and I love to eat his creations, so creating his dream kitchen was priority number one. While we lost some storage space when we took out a wall, the kitchen is still large, functional, and open.

Master Bath

We waited two years before tackling our master bath renovation. Bathrooms are a big job and we wanted to do it right. This was a full gut-rehab that resulted in a larger shower, more functional vanity space and beautiful tub.

What’s Next?

Our renovations were pretty extensive so we are taking some time off before tackling the next big projects: bathrooms. Have you renovated a house before? What lessons did you learn in the process? Comment below to share your reno stories!



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