Sustainable Bathroom Products You’ll Love


Trying to move to a more sustainable bathroom all started as I went to buy more razors. I’m a teensy bit OCD with my shaving. I have to shave every. single. day. Given my obsession, my go-to razors are those with alllll the blades (4-5x). Leave it to Target to make a disposable 5-blade razor that is awesome and a fraction of the price as the brand-name, fancy ones. So there I am, in the hair removal aisle, reaching for my favorite pack of obnoxiously pink razors when I’m overrun with a terrible realization. Everything is plastic. The razors, the packaging…all of it. I fruitlessly searched around for a better alternative on the shelves and found none. So I reluctantly threw the package into my cart and vowed to find a better alternative.

Below is a collection of products we have incorporated into our lives and bathrooms while on our plastic-free journey. If you have products you use and like better than those I’ve listed below, do share! I’m all for making life easier.

Hand Soap

My family plows through hand soap, especially since the pandemic hit. Teaching two little kids how to properly wash their hands means using more than an average amount of soap each time. My youngest happens to be obsessed with water and bubbles, like most 2-year-olds, so washing her hands is a favorite pastime. Tired of buying endless one-time use hand pumps, I switched to refillable dispensers some time ago. However, buying soap for dispensers means buying another single-use plastic item – so what was I really accomplishing? Enter Plaine Products! All their products are all natural, vegan, cruelty-free, toxin-free and come in a returnable, refillable aluminum bottle. Yep. Read that again. Once we finish a bottle we place it back in the box, attach the pre-paid return label, and send it right back to Plaine Products where they wash, refill, and ship out again. If you haven’t heard of Plaine Products before, then prepare yourself. I love them and have their products all over my house, which means they are featured all over my blog. The hand wash is a new favorites of mine! We get the rosemary mint vanilla scent for everything because, well, it smells like heaven, obviously. Use this link to get 20% off your first Plain Products order.

Hand Sanitizer

Ahh…the MVP of 2020. Remember back in March when this stuff was selling for a million dollars a bottle and you couldn’t find it anywhere? Me too. Plaine Products strikes again with an amazing product we have on subscription. Thanks to COVID, we’ve made it a habit to keep this stuff all over the house now. Kitchen? CHECK. Bathroom? CHECK. Mudroom? Yep, there too. It smell good, doesn’t leave a sticky residue and comes with all the signature Plaine Product perks: all natural, vegan, cruelty-free, toxin-free and comes in a returnable, refillable aluminum bottle. Win-Win-Win! Use this link to get 20% off your first Plain Products order.

Body Lotion

Born and raised in Arizona, I have a strong appreciation for body lotion. The body lotion from Plaine Products does not disappoint! We use it all over the house: kitchen, bathroom, kids bathroom, powder room, etc. Just like all the other Plaine Products, it’s all natural, vegan, cruelty-free, toxin-free and comes in a returnable, refillable aluminum bottle. Winning! Use this link to get 20% off your first Plain Products order.

Reusable Toilet Paper

OMG REUSABLE TOILET PAPER?!?!?! Yes. It’s amazing. Hear me out….

I was skeptical when I saw this product available on the Marley’s Monsters website. I think my first thought was something along the lines of “OMG gross!!” or “no effing way!”. I thought about it and decided to give it a try. In the beginning I just used this for #1 potty breaks. It was super easy and WAY softer than regular toilet paper. Just do your #1, grab a pre-cut and sewn, super soft piece and then drop the used piece into a wet bag. Once a week, or when the roll is empty, just empty and drop the whole wet bag into the washer and run a normal cycle. Easy peasy. Now, #2 is an entirely different thing. I was NOT about to use these for #2. Nope. And then my good friend Kate finally convinced me to get a bidet attachment (get $5 off a Tushy bidet using this link). Now #2s are no longer messy. Using the bidet means there is nothing left behind on our tushies (pun intended) and the soft, reusable toilet paper becomes a breeze to use.

Sustainable Toilet Paper

For those not 100% ready to commit to reusable toilet paper, then Who Gives A Crap is the absolute way to go! Made with 100% recycled paper and surprisingly affordable, this toilet paper does more than provide you with a clean tushie. Delivered straight to your door, 50% of all profits are donated to help build toilets for those in need. This, my friends, is a win-win-win! Use this link for $10 off your first Who Gives a Crap order. Who Gives a Crap takes care of their subscribed members first, which means the next time there is no toilet paper anywhere, you will still get your shipment.


Ok, the item that prompted my entire plastic-free journey. The Razor. I shave my legs every day so I need a razor that can keep up. I’ve tried one other plastic-free razor but much prefer the Leaf. It has 3 blades and a pivot head, making it far superior to others, IMHO. Now, the thing to know about using any razor other than the plastic ones from the store, there is a learning curve. I’ve cut myself a lot with this razor because, as I mentioned above, I shave every day and tend to move quickly. You can’t speed-shave and expect not to get cut. Take your time. Learn the best ways to maneuver your legs and other areas. Oh, speaking of, yes – I use this to shave my lady areas and NO, I have never cut myself down there. I attribute this to my approach – slow and steady wins the race.

Shampoo + Conditioner + Body Wash

Well, you’re probably not surprised to see these products here…again. I won’t repeat all the perks of Plaine Products over and over and over because you’ve already heard enough. I will say that I moved the entire family over to this trio. It’s in all our bathrooms, even the guest baths. In addition to being high quality, they all smell fantastic. Use these links for 20% your first order of shampoo, conditioner, and body wash.


A true sign of being a full-grown adult: I have tissue boxes in every room of the house. When I first discovered these “forest friendly” tissues my first thought was, “Finally! Tissue boxes that aren’t completely ugly!” Throw in all the perks of buying from Who Gives a Crap and it was a no-brainer to keep these beauties in stock. Use this link to get $10 off your first Who Gives A Crap order.


After a friend of a friend was diagnosed with breast cancer in her twenties, I was ready to ditch the chemical-filled antiperspirants I’d been using all my life. I started looking for a natural alternative in 2010 and there were not many options. Thankfully, Native entered the scene. Effective, delicious scents, and now offering a plastic-free option. Use this link to get a free mini with your first Native order, perfect for the gym or travel.


I’m a big q-tip user and love having these forest-friendly ones made from bamboo. They are effective and compostable!

Dental Floss

Flossing at least 3x a week has been a long time habit of mine. This floss is made from silk and is 100% compostable. It comes in a glass container with a metal top, so it’s 100% plastic-free! Refill are available to cut down on waste.


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Secret Bookcase Door

The dream of having a secret passageway in my house has been one since I was a child. Maybe it came from the 90’s classic movies the Secret Garden or Clue. Regardless, when we moved into our current home I saw the perfect spot to build one. My son’s room had four doors in it:…

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