How to Master At-Home Chemical Peels


In effort not to look like a piece of crinkled up paper, I’m doing everything I can to prevent the signs of aging while staying out of the doctor’s office. Plastic surgery is not for me. No judgement for those who are into that.

Chemical peels have become my favorite secret weapon. And thanks to a mid-western company called Platinum Skin Care, at-home peels are safe and affordable. What would cost $300-600 in an esthetician’s or doctor’s office costs me about $5-25 to do at home. Seriously.

Special note: chemical peels are serious business, especially if you have darker skin tones. If you are a IV, V, or VI on the Fitzpatrick Skin Tone Scale, you can still do chemical peels but will have to take extra precautions and spend more time preparing. Please, please make sure to do your research.

My Peel Routines

Mandelic Peel [weekly]

This is a super easy peel to start with if you’re new to peels. I do it every Friday evening to keep my skin looking fresh and bright. Since I use retinols and exfoliators regularly, I use the 40%. If your skin is sensitive or you’re just a little nervous to jump straight in, they make a weaker solution at 22%. This peel may leave you with small or light flakes. I never flake or peel using this one which makes it easy to do! I recommend you purchase the Prep A solution along with the peel. It cleans your skin of all oils and allows the peel to penetrate deeper into your skin. If you don’t use this prep solution, you will have to use alcohol to remove all oil.

Good For: acne, pigmentation, anti-aging

Peeling: little to none –> no ‘down time’

What’s Needed: Mandelic peel 22% (sensitive) or 40% + Prep A solution + gauze pads or fan brush for application

Skin Tones IV, V & VI: prep for two weeks in advance using Fade Bright 2x daily

TCA 13% [every 6-8 weeks]

This is the foundational peel I use to tackle wrinkles, uneven skin tone, and acne and super-boost my collagen production. Since this peel will lead to skin flaking there is ‘down time’ associated with it. For most people flaking starts 2-3 days after application and can take up to a week or longer to finish completely. However, thanks to the pandemic, I’m at home all the time, see my colleagues only via Zoom, and when I am out in public I always use a mask. I have yet to have a colleague notice my flaking on Zoom, but some of my girlfriends have had bigger flakes that are noticeable.

The great thing about TCA is that you can layer it depending on your skin sensitivity, goals, and down time. Apply 1-2 layers for a light peel with minimal flaking. Apply 3-5 layers for a deeper peel with more flaking. You can also use it to ‘spot-treat’ stubborn or problem areas. I usually do 3 layers and then apply a 4th layer to my problem areas: acne scars, 11’s between my eye brows, forehead lines, marionette or smile lines, and neck creases.

TCA comes in three different potencies: 7% for eyes, 13% for beginners, 20% for advanced peelers, and 30% for body. Lots of people will use 30% TCA to remove age spots on hands, stretch marks, or other scars on their bodies.

Additional Recommendations: I recommend you purchase the Prep B solution along with the peel. It cleans your skin of all oils and allows the peel to penetrate deeper into your skin. If you don’t use this prep solution, you will have to use alcohol to remove all oil. If you want to speed up the peeling process and shorten your down-time, using the Luminosity Method after the peel helps a lot! I also love Emu oil as a great after-care product.

Good For: acne, anti-aging

Peeling: medium to heavy –> 5-9 days ‘down time’

What’s Needed: TCA solution 13% for face + Prep B solution + gauze pads or fan brush for application

Skin Tones IV, V & VI: prep for two weeks in advance using Fade Bright 2x daily

My Blockbuster Combo [every 6-8 weeks]

Ok, so after getting super comfortable with the Mandelic and TCA peels mentioned above, I took my peel routine to the next level to tackle some stubborn skin concerns. Two pregnancies and all the hormones that accompanied them wrecked my skin. I now have bad melasma and acne scars, along with two beautiful and healthy children that are (mostly) worth it;).

Step One: I start by applying two layers of the Jessners peel, which is fantastic for hitting melasma, uneven skin tone, hyperpigmentation, and acne scars.

Step Two: I follow up the Jessners layers with my usual TCA routine outlined above.

Step Three: After completing those peels and rinsing everything clean, I top it all off with Platinum Skin Care’s super vitamin A peel, the Dream Peel. The Dream peel is a top coat that helps speed up the flaking process and reduces my down time dramatically. Before using the Dream peel I wouldn’t start peeling until day 3 or 4 and it took over a week to finish up. With the Dream peel I start peeling on day 2 and am usually finished by days 5-6.

Good For: acne, hyperpigmentation, anti-aging

Peeling: heavy –> 5-7 days ‘down time’

What’s Needed: Jessners solution + TCA solution 13% + Dream Peel + Prep B solution + gauze pads or fan brush for application

Skin Tones IV, V & VI: prep for two weeks in advance using Fade Bright 2x daily

Finding YOUR Best Peel

Platinum Skin Care has a phenomenal collection of videos and resources that I highly recommend you browse before selecting your best peel/s. I will admit I’ve watched A LOT of them. They have helped me make informed decisions AND I feel so much more comfortable doing these at home with all I’ve learned by watching. They also have a Facebook group of people all over the world that use and love their products. While I’m not a big poster, I’ve learned so much from that community. PSC’s founder, Jennifer, monitors the page daily and responds to any and all questions asked. If you decide to join us at-home peelers, the Facebook group is a must.


Results will take time to achieve, so I encourage you to hang in there and give yourself a full peel series of 6-8 individual peels before you really start to see results. I would love to hear how you skin progress, so please comment below! We are #BetterTogether and I’m here to help consult if you feel a little lost while on this journey. Oh, and I always encourage people to take ‘before’ pictures so you can really see your progress.

Have you tried the routine above? Let us know how it’s going or what type of routine you want to see featured by leaving a comment below!


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